5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Closet


As the new year rolls in it's usually the time we begin organizing our homes. We start with putting away the holiday decorations and clearing out the Christmas trees. Then if we have kids we realize how cluttered our kids rooms are and we want to organize our homes better. I wanted to share my top 5 tips on organizing our closets today. I know it's easier to clean out our kids rooms because they grow out of their clothes and have miss matched socks that just need to go! But when it comes to our closets it's a lot harder because there's emotions involved and money spent. I hope my tips will help you see that it's okay to let go of your stuff and it's so much more liberating to live in a home that is less cluttered. 


1. It's okay to let go of the clothes that simply to don't fit. I can't tell you how many times I have clients telling me they want to hold on to these pieces because they will one day fit into that size. Regardless if it's weight you put on or items that are now to big it's okay to pass them on to someone else. I myself have been guilty of this so much. With both of my pregnancies I gained over 50 pounds, I know don't judge I wish I ate less chocolate cake and more salad too but that's another blog post for a different time. I didn't loose all the weight after I had my babies, lost half of it and started buying clothes that was larger size. I made myself believe that this is my new mommy body and started shopping with that mind set. Well about 2 years ago I started living a more healthy lifestyle and went to the gym 5 times a week. The first year I didn't see much of a difference but last year my current clothes was to big on me and I wanted to shop my current size because I am proud of the weight that I have lost. Which brings me to my point I had to clear out 50 percent of my closet because my clothes is just to big and I don't want to go back to that size ever again! I wan't to have pieces in my closet that fit and bring me joy getting ready. I want to encourage you to do the same, look at your closet and only keep pieces that fit. Unless you are planning into fit into that size then keep a few pieces but otherwise let go and embrace your size.


2. Don't let guilt of spending money on your clothing keep you in bondage for keeping the items, even if you know you will not wear them. And again I am speaking from experience! I have been so guilty of keeping pieces in my closet because I know I spent so much money on that piece and I feel bad giving it away or selling it to a consignment for a few dollars. So I hold on to the pieces and they are taking up valuable real estate in my closet. As many of you know I recently let go of half of my items in my closet, and it feels so good to let go and have a clutter free closet.

3. If you haven't worn that piece of clothing in more then a year then it's time to pass it down to someone else. So many of the clothing pieces we hold on to we haven't worn in years. If we haven't worn them for a year then most likely we wont wear that item again. I keep a storage box in my closet and put away the items I haven't worn for a while. I leave it there for a month and if I haven't missed that item for a month that means it's time to pass it down to someone else.

4. Get rid of the clothing that is not bringing you joy. About a year ago I read the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; by Marie Kondo. This book changed the way I look at clothing and things in general. Marie believes in living a minimalist life and only keeping the items in our home that bring us joy. If I am honest with y'all I am not a minimalist, I love clothing, shoes and makeup but I did clean out my closet and only keeping the things that fit me and make me happy. I hope to inspire you to do the same, life is busy and you don't need to add stress by keeping items in your closet that bring you down and not bring you joy. I encourage you to read Marie Kondo's book, it will inspire you to live free of clutter and be more joyful.

5. This is a tip your family can benefit from! Sell the clothes that you are not wearing and use that money for fun family activities. I recently went through each closet in our home and organized most of our home. A lot of our children's clothes was worn out and we threw away a lot and donated the rest. I have a few items I kept for keepsake and everything else went. But a lot of clothing that I have and was willing to part was in great condition and I was able to sell it. I told the kids they could pick something fun they wanted to do and we were able to have a few fun family activities and they were paid for with the items that were taking up space in my closet. I want you to ask yourself the next time you are in your closet; are there items that you can pass on and sell? I promise I don't miss that handbag or pair of jeans because I know they were not bringing me joy anymore! 

You don't need to organize your entire house in a week. Start with organizing your closet and you will see how liberating it is to let go and live with less clutter. January is the perfect month to start! Happy organizing...and if you are in Houston I would love to help you organize your space. Let me do the hard work and you can enjoy your new organized closet...


Your stylist and friend!