Monat Hair Products Review.

A few months ago one of my friends that sells Monat asked me if I was interested in doing a review of Monat products. I have seen other bloggers talk about Monat hair care and was intersted to see what was all the rage. At first I wasn't sure because I love reviewing new products but I am always honest with y'all. So I decided to try them and I have been using Monat for a few months and I am so happy with the results. Monat hair care has no harmful parabens, harsh salt systems, sulfates and harmful fragrances. They have done studies that have proven to help with hair growth, increased shine and increase hair follicle strength. 



I wanted to share a few things about Monat and the 3 products I had the opportunity to try out for review.

Replenish Masque: Helps increase hair brilliance, strength and vitality. The Benefits: A repairing and hydrating masque ideal for damaged and moisture starved hair that penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping boast natural growth, improve follicle strength, and reduce hair thinning. Infuses essential moisture and delivers vital nutrients to help eliminate frizz and reduce split ends.

Renew Shampoo: A salt and sulfate free gentle hydrating cleanser that penetrates and moisturizes the scalp. Helps boost natural hair growth and improves follicle strength to add in reducing hair thinning. Supports the restoration of the hair's youthful vitality by adding essential moisture back into the hair. Safe to use on colored and chemical treated hair.

Restore Leave-In Conditioner: A nourishing leave-in conditioner designed to revive each hair strand using the same proven ingredients as Monat Renew Hydrating Shampoo and Masque. Helps restore essential nutrients to the scalp, boosting natural hair growth and improving follicle strength to reduce hair thinning. Tames frizz leaving fragile hair silky, youthful and supple.



These are the 3 Monat products I tested... Do y'all see Roman and I; this picture was taken eleven years ago...

These are the 3 Monat products I tested... Do y'all see Roman and I; this picture was taken eleven years ago...

These our my final thoughts; I tried the RENEW shampoo, conditioner and                                                                                                                      Replenish Masque line. My review will be on these 3 products mentioned above.

During the first week of me using the shampoo I honestly didn't see a difference. My scalp felt really weird and I wasn't sure if I still wanted to use the products for much longer but I went online and did some research. Apparently my hair was going through a detox. I had so much extra oil in my scalp and my hair didn't look or feel different the first few weeks of me washing my hair. So I felt a lot better, and continued using the shampoo for another 2 months and saw amazing results for my hair. I have had issues with dryness of my scalp since I was a teenager and no products have helped get rid of the mess I have to deal with so I wasn't expecting this shampoo to heal my scalp. I have to use a medicated shampoo to help with all the dryness, trust me friends I have tried every shampoo on the market and nothing works. My doctor says my condition is rare and not cure-able. It is something that I have learned to manage and have to do lots of things to control the flair-ups. Back to Monat... I wanted to see what Monat would do for my thick and wavy hair. Y'all I love how the shampoo and conditioner smells, and makes my hair feel after I blow dry it. The shampoo and conditioner helps contain the thickness and reduces the frizz. Another thing I love about the shampoo is that you don't need a lot of product, a little goes a long way. I hope my review gave you some insight on Monat hair care. Lastly, if you are interested in purchasing Monat products please use, Lisa is a mama that is sweet and I would love for y'all to support her mom hustle. She can answer any questions y'all might have regarding Monat hair care products, her email is


Lots of love!

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