The 5 Lifestyle Choices You Can Make For Anti-Aging.

Hello my beautiful friends! I am excited to share my 5 tips to help fight anti-aging. These are lifestyle choices that I have incorporated into my life and wanted to share with y'all. Some of them are very simple but they make a huge difference in regards to anti aging and our health in general. I know we have different skin concerns, so these are universal tips that will help regardless of your skin type.

1. Moisturizing your skin twice a day is very important! Recently I posted a picture on Instagram shortly explaining my skincare routine. I wanted to go into a little more detail. I start my routine with cleaning my face and making sure it is oil and make up free. I use a Clarisonic brush and favorite cleanser, which is origins at the moment. What matters most is to remove any oils and makeup from your skin to get it ready for the skincare products. After removing my makeup I use a toner. I have oily skin so a toner is an extra way to remove any oil build up. If you have oily or acne prone skin I highly recommend using a toner. That's another way to make sure your skin is clean and ready for serum and eye cream. After applying my serum & eye cream. I finally gently press in my moisturizer. A lot of women ask me why they have to moisturize if they have oily skin it's because your skin is telling you to hydrate. I know the struggle is real having oily skin! Ladies for me too! I live in Houston and it's humid 75% of the year but I am still religious about having a skincare routine daily. One thing I keep in my hand bag is oil removing pods to remove any oil buildup I have through out the day.

2. Drinking water! I know this is a very simple tip but it is so effective! When I am drinking lots of water throughout the day my skin will thank me! Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help get rid of all the toxins and most importantly your skin will have a beautiful natural glow! I get bored with plain water so I'll add my favorite fruit and of course lemons. I promise you will see a significant change in your skin when you consume lots of water, and your body will reward you.

   These are some of the products I am using right now and loving! 

   These are some of the products I am using right now and loving! 

3. Removing your make up every night. Ladies this one is so important. I remember taking a skincare class with the company I worked for and they showed us slide shows how your skin ages if you don't remove the makeup and oils from your face each night. At night our skin renews while we sleep and if you still have any makeup on you are preventing that process. Also most makeup is oil based. If your make up is on for a long period of time it will cause breakouts and acne. And cleaning and moisturizing your face will help your skin breathe. I know life is busy and we get tired and lazy but your skin is worth the 5 minute investment. For super busy nights I always have on hand my makeup cleansing wipes. (It's a great life and busy mom hack! :)

4.  Wearing SPF daily. I'll admit I haven't been as religious putting on sunscreen daily as I should. The reason being a lot of sunscreen products breakout my sensitive skin. I found a few products that I like so I started wearing sunscreen a lot more within the last year. It shields your skin from developing the signs of aging and everyone wants to have younger, more youthful radiate skin. There has been studies showing women who applied sunscreen daily look more youthful, and radiate. Which also means they have less wrinkles and fine lines. Another great reason to apply sunscreen is it lowers skin cancer risks.

5. Make exercise part of your routine. Honestly this is my favorite. I love going to the gym and getting in a great workout. Almost 1 year ago I made a significant change in my life! I started going to the gym for health reasons and my entire life changed. I will talk about that in a future blog post. But in regards to our skin I saw a difference after a few months of regular exercise. My skin feels tighter and I have a natural glow. Yes I take care of my body with the food I eat but exercise plays a significant role. Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about the links between anti aging and exercise. Science has proven women that had a healthy active lifestyle, their skin was more youthful then those that didn't exercise. A great example in my life is my mother. She had 8 kids and today she is much healthier because exercise is part of her life. I look at some of our family pictures from 20 years ago and my mom looks just as beautiful. You go mama I'm so proud of you, you motivate each day to be healthy!


Lastly, ladies aging is part of life and it is beautiful! I don't want you to think I have perfect skin all the time. I see how my skin looked a few years ago and in comparison to what is today. I'm proud of my body and skin. With age comes wisdom. These are lifestyle choices that have helped me see a meaningful change in my skin and life. We all go through different seasons with our skin, our hormones change so it's important to know what works for your skin. I read the skincare ingredients always, to make sure my skin will not break out and cause redness and acne. Over the years I have found that the most important thing we can do for our skin is to decrease stress. When I am overwhelmed and filled with anxiety my skin and body shows. So I encourage you to take care of yourself and do something each day for you regardless of how busy your life is...


I would like to know some of your skin care routines. Your favorite products, and share some of your lifestyle habits. I love hearing your thoughts!


Always remember you are loved,