31 Things that I've realized in 31 years...



I turned 31 today and I wanted to share some lessons that are true to me. These statements are my opinion; some of them are my world view so they are not facts to everyone. I was getting ready and this idea popped in my head so I wanted to share them with y'all. Some are personal, others are a little fun... Enjoy!

1. Life is beautiful. 

2. We go through different seasons. Our darkest days will pass and we experience pain. No one's life is perfect!

                                                                                                                   Family is everything! My heart. My world!

                                                                                                                   Family is everything! My heart. My world!

3. Family time is important!

4. God is always good! His grace is something I will never understand...

5. Without Christ my life is meaningless, He alone can fulfill my deepest desires.

6. Foster care and adoption is beautiful.

7. Learning how to cook and bake will allow you to bless your family, and friends through food.

8. Hospitality is a gift that can be developed. 

9. Marriage is one of the greatest gifts and blessings!

10. Love your spouse more then yourself, and that is true happiness!

11. Kids will listen and learn by our behavior, not by our words. 

12. Having dates with your spouse is always worth the time. Dates don't have to be expensive and can be anywhere.

13. Making out with my husband never get old! :)

14. Being healthy, and eating right is important. Everyone can do it if they stopped making excuses.

15. Having a nice body, and looking good is not vanity! 

16. We should dress up, and look beautiful for our spouse just as we did when we dated.

17. Living to please others may destroy your life; you will never please everyone!

18. People will gossip and that does not give you the right to talk crap! Your standard is Christ, not people.

19. You can enjoy wine and still be a Christian. 

20. Confidence is beautiful; pursue it!

21. Comparison is a thief of joy!

22. Loving God does not mean only going to church, but rather it is living out the Gospel.

23. Dancing is not a sin.

24. The love I have for Mason's biological mother is so great. I will forever be grateful for her! 

25. Fashion, makeup, and shopping make me happy.

26. Being an immigrant allows me to have gratitude and appreciation to live in this amazing country.

27. Being a mom is my greatest accomplishment. 

28. My best friend is my husband and his advice I cherish the most!

29. The grass is greener where you water it. Therefore, water your marriage and invest in your family.

30. Pursing your dream, working hard, and loving your life is the secret to happiness.

31. Enjoy everyday because tomorrow is not promised. Give more hugs. Laugh more. Forgive more. Kiss more. And always remember to have a grateful heart.


                                                              My best friend of 14 years!

                                                              My best friend of 14 years!

These are just some of the lessons I've learned and some of my truths. Yours may be different and that is okay. The important thing is to love your life. Cherish your blessings. God has blessed us with different gifts. We all have gifts that we can use to bless others. For years I lived in fear of what others thought of me and only a few years ago I started not giving a damn! Y'all, life completely changed when I realized it is not my job to make everyone like me. I began to allow Christ to heal my brokenness and today I can see how beautiful God intended life to be. It is truly a gift and I am so grateful for 31 years of life. I am excited to love my family greater and see my kids grow up into the individuals that God has designed them to be. Moreover, I am looking forward to taking vacations with my family. Lastly but most importantly, I anticipate to love Roman more; he is pretty hot and amazing! I am so blessed to be loved by him! 


Enough about me. I am grateful for you. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support. Also, for being my beautiful people and community.  Meeting you and getting to know parts of your life is why I started my blog - the fashion, styling, and beauty is just the outlet. To all my styling customers that support my small business, I truly love you. Seeing you bloom and gain confidence through discovering your personal style is why I strive to be the best stylist. Y'all inspire me deeply. I have gained so many more gorgeous friends that I have the honor to work with. One day I hope we all can have coffee, wine, cake and go shopping together. 

Sending lots of love!

Your stylist and friend!