The Truth About Rejection...and Why It Is Beautiful.

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My title sounds contradicting I know, yet I wanted to write about rejection and how it is beautiful and necessary for growth. So here is the back story, and what I am really going through right now. As much as I love pretty pictures, beautiful outfits, and styling my clients what I love most is honesty, and sharing my story. So here is it, the raw and ugly.

The last 5 months I have poured out my heart and spent many hours trying to build my wardrobe styling business and being a style blogger. When I had this dream I had no idea how much time it would take and how emotional it would be. Don't get me wrong I knew it would take work and lots of hours, but what I didn't really know was how hard it would be on my heart and emotions. Starting anything new and from the ground up is very challenging, in my business which is fashion the competition is insane. But today's post is about rejection. As many of you know I am going to New York Fashion Week in September, this is my first time (a dream of mine since high school) and I started to reach out to PR agencies & fashion designers trying to get into shows. The reality is most of them said no and others haven't replied. At first I was hurt and frustrated, but as I began to think about it I realized it is nothing personal; it is business. I am a new blogger and they are looking for exposure of there brand and right now my numbers are small. And companies only care about numbers, regardless how great my engagement and content is, they want exposure. I could talk about this for a long time but wanted to focus on the positive. I am still going to NYFW because I will get into a few shows, just got three show yes's, and have a few amazing blogging events. But some of the designer shows I hoped to get into said no right now. 

Y'all this is my story and yes the journey is not easy, rejection sucks yet I am so excited for the future in regards to my career. One of my greatest and most treasured inspirations are my parents. We came to America from Ukraine with nothing, they had 8 kids to feed. They always worked hard and built a thriving business from scratch. My dad and mom worked long hours, and always told us we can be anything in this amazing country. The immigrant hustle and grind is real. No one can take away persistence, passion, and drive. One of my first jobs was working at Aldo shoes. Within a year I was promoted to management and was the youngest leading sales person in my district. I always loved shoes, handbags and clothes so selling came natural to me.


Yet one thing that kept me from truly being myself was not my passion, or lack of drive and work ethic, it was my insecurity and mostly of what others would think of me. Growing up in a large home, my parents didn't have a lot of time to invest in us. Mixed in with a negative slavic culture I was truly afraid of their opinion of me, and it controlled my life. Fast forward to today I am thirty one years old pursing my passion in the fashion industry. I am learning how to deal with my insecurities and enjoy my journey. In order for me to be who God intended me to be, I need to let go and enjoy my journey regardless of how painful it is at times.

"Your future will always be bright when you stay focused, optimistic and confident". It is hard work to always stay positive when life doesn't turn out as planned. Yet we can choose to see the beauty in our lives regardless of our circumstances. Then we can experience the fullness of joy, and our journey is so much sweeter. It is about our perspective. Learning from our failures. Nothing good in life is easy, it takes hard work and lots of sweat mixed in with tears to create something beautiful.

I want to read this blog post in a year and see how far I have come. Rejection and no's inspire me to push harder and be better. Yes I know it hurts not being invited into the coolest shows or parties but, I know my time will come. Life is a beautiful and messy journey. Starting about 5 months ago I had no idea what fashion photography was, how lighting matters and what is Instagram algorithm. I am learning and growing so much as a wardrobe stylist. When I have style consultations and my clients feel and look more confident after our session it is worth every struggle. I help women feel and look beautiful for a living while educating them about personal style. How amazing is that! I also have had amazing opportunities to work with clothing and beauty brands doing collaborations. Being able to share my favorite new dress and how to style your existing clothes with my readers is priceless. 

Finally, I hope this blog post can inspire you to pursue your dream! Will it be hard, hell yes but it is so worth it! Nothing like waking up each day pursing your passion. My kids get to watch mommy work her ass off to do what she loves. They ask lots of questions. I try to answer and inspire them to be whoever they want to be. Y'all God gave us one life to live, so use your time wisely. Love. Read. Laugh more and most importantly always be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Sending lots of love,

Your stylist,